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Messages from Advisor
We were the most powerful Kingdom in this region
all of us feel prouded on our great history
But the proud's disease was hurt us in many ways
We built the fence of prouded from nieghborhoods
with Selfishliness, Jealouseliness and Separateliness
Finally we started to complain ourself, complaint the others
Complaint our society even sometime our own country
We alway asked what the country can help us
but never asked what we can help our country
I believe this projects will help our country in many ways
To release the yoke from oil & gas countries
Creating million jobs all over the country
We will produce our oil on our own lands
We will creat electricities on our own farm
We will be free from the oil crisis
We will be the oil exporter within a few years
Then we can proud of our country just like our history

  E-mail: sokprakob@gmail.com
We found endless deposit of oil on earth all over Cambodia enough for domestic and export within 5 years
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