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Hydrogen cars from water on TV show

Brief information of H2O car

How this car is work?
 Chang the water to energy by Hydrogen generator
  - Separate the Water (H2O) by electricity from battery to be Hydrogen (HHO),
  - Then mix with the fuel before send to the engine of both Diesel and Gasoline.

Customer Wishes
  -  Use the economy fuel and prevent global warming.
  -  Protect the engine for long life and save cost of maintainance.
  -  Easy to use and maintainance, just fill water 1.5 liter in every 1,000 Km,

  -  Easy to start the car and increase the power of engine and save cost of fuel.

Fulfilling Customer Needs

  -  Save cost of fuel upto 46%.
  -  The most easiest compensate energy.
  -  Can use without any modify the engine.
  -  Risk free from the fuel, just same the other fuels.

Next Steps of Development

  -  Develope the product to be more economy.
  -  Increase the engine power and horse power.
  -  The new compensate energy and enviroment friendly.
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